Tailored for All Paws!

Every dog is unique, and their needs vary. Our team has meticulously designed our range of pet steps with a deep understanding of canine behavior and physiology. From puppies to senior dogs, from tiny Chihuahuas to majestic Great Danes, our products cater to dogs of all sizes and ages. Whether your fur baby needs a boost onto the couch or a gentle climb into bed, we've got their needs covered.

Dog Ramp 20-Inches Tall


Our Process

Experience our streamlined order fulfillment process designed to deliver convenience and exceptional quality. We work in weekly batches, producing 10-15 products at a time. Utilizing our precision CNC machine, we cut all sides of the items with meticulous accuracy. To enhance durability and aesthetics, veneer edging expertly covers all plywood edges. Once the components are ready, we apply a high-quality finish, ensuring a flawless look and protecting the product. In our commitment to simplicity, we assemble the pieces, predrilling holes to facilitate effortless home assembly upon delivery. Enjoy a seamless experience from order to assembly with our thoughtfully crafted products.

Pet Steps 15-Inches Tall

Dependable Material

Pet-Friendly Carpeting

We understand the importance of providing a pet-friendly environment, which is why we use specially selected carpeting on our pet steps. Our pet-friendly carpeting is designed with your furry friend's comfort and safety in mind. It offers a soft and cozy surface for them to step on, providing traction and stability. Additionally, our carpeting is durable and resistant to stains and odors, making it easy to maintain and keep clean. Rest assured, your pet will love the plush feel of our pet-friendly carpeting on their steps, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for them every time.

Strong & Durable

Pocket-Hole Joinery

Experience the superior strength and durability of our pocket hole joinery used in crafting our pet steps. We take pride in utilizing this advanced woodworking technique to ensure the sturdiest construction possible. Our pocket hole joinery involves creating precise angled holes and inserting screws, resulting in tight and secure connections. This method provides exceptional stability and reinforcement, making our pet steps capable of supporting even the most active and playful pets. Rest assured, our pocket hole joinery guarantees the longevity and reliability of our pet steps, ensuring they withstand the test of time and keep your furry friend safe and secure.

Easy Home Assembly

What's Included

In every pet step shipment, you'll find everything you need for hassle-free assembly. We include all pet step parts, along with the necessary screws and a #2 square drill bit. Additionally, comprehensive assembly instructions are provided, guiding you through the process with ease. Rest assured, you'll have everything at your fingertips to quickly and effortlessly assemble your pet steps and provide your furry friend with instant access to their favorite spots.